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Soccer Cric provides a safe and positive environment for children to develop, learn, and spend quality bonding time with family.


Soccer Cric’s method of teaching develops motor skills and problem solving skills, and helps improve the communication and creative skills children will use in the field and outside of the field.

What We Do

Soccer Cric works to make learning soccer simple, safe, enjoyable, and fun for your child. We share our passion and excitement for the world’s most popular sport with everyone in our program. Our drills are tailored to suit your child, whether they’re kicking a soccer ball for the first time, or the thousandth.

Why soccer is good for your kids?

Soccer is a simple game that kids of any age and either gender can play. Physical stature is unimportant, making the game suitable for children of all shapes and sizes. As a result, soccer is a very inclusive sport, and it provides numerous physical and social benefits.

Mission & values

Soccer Cric has amazing unique way of reinforcing positive impact in helping children through soccer. Children who participate in physical activities experience
  • Positive effects on physical health
  • Positive effects on mood and mental health
  • Positive effects on self-esteem
  • Positive social effects
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We are committed to providing best services to the parents who trust us

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